What our Customers are Saying
What Our Customers are Saying about Intuitive Tarot Card Readings
What our customers are saying:
Linda Linder provides tarot readings by email that are uniquely insightful and laser focused.  She brings her knowledge and depth to the interpretation of the cards which I have never experienced before in a Tarot card reading.  I really enjoyed my reading and having the pictures of the cards included was an added bonus. Thank you Linda! 
I highly recommend Linda Linder for an email Tarot card reading. You won’t be disappointed!!
Susan P
Toronto, Canada
My experience for the first time with this kind of reading [email] was powerful and right on with my life and where I’m heading.  I gained some great insight and will return to the reading for support and clarity. 
I appreciate all your time and effort with my personal reading.  Thanks so much!!
Barb xoxo
Very knowledgeable and friendly! Looking forward to more opportunities to learn and grow from her!
Linda uses the Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck for all readings.
What our customers are saying