Services Offered

Contact me to schedule or ask questions regarding any of the below services offered at Mythological Tarot at or by sending a Messenger message from my Facebook page

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 2.37.28 PM.pngPayment for individual and group readings are taken via Square (swipe on my phone).

For electronically provided services, a Square Invoice will be sent to the client in an email, where payment and/or deposit can be made securely.


Services Offered by Mythological Tarot include:

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Traditional Readings

Individual, face-to-face Tarot Readings –  Linda uses the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck to provide  insightful and intuitive readings based on a general spread, or addressing your personal question(s) / request(s) for additional information and guidance.

Email Linda to arrange a day and time for reading at The Sacred Sage in Farmington Hills or 6th Sensation in Westland.


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Email Readings

Email Tarot Reading –This is a personal reading, not a computer-generated automatic reading!

The entire process is accomplished via email–submission of a request, approving a three-card spread, paying for the reading, and receiving a four-to-five page document with the results of the reading.  Here is a sample Sanitized 3 card spread output from an actual email reading (personal details removed to retain client confidentiality).

Linda’s personal method for an email reading:  At the beginning of the reading, in a meditative state, your full given name (at birth) is said out loud and your Personality card (what you’ve come to this lifetime to learn) and Soul card (your sole purpose throughout all of your lifetimes) are meditated on, both of which are created numerologically based on your birthdate.  Both of these cards are included free of charge with the three-card reading.

A three-card spread is used (which you agree to prior to the reading), with possible additional cards pulled for clarity.  The Morgan-Greer Tarot is used.  The process for the Personality and Soul cards are based on Angeles Arrien’s (deceased) method.  Again, all stages of this process are completed via email.

Three-card reading with potential additional card(s) (as appropriate for clarity) and free Personality and Soul Cards with interpretation = $39

Personality and Soul Cards only, with interpretation = $19 total, for both

Personality, Soul, and 12-month focus Cards only, with interpretations = $25 for all three cards


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Group Readings at Your Location

Professional or Social Group Tarot Reading can be held at your club, organization, family, etc. location—not more than eight attendees is suggested.  This reading is intended for groups that desire more information and/or advice from Spirit on the organization’s path forward, and what might be blocking progress at this time.  Current or potential upsets, or what may be behind conflicts that are disrupting or slowing the progress of the organization is often revealed.  The Group Leader can contact Linda to discuss details prior to scheduling a Professional or Social Group Tarot Reading.

-$75 to $150 / hour based on group specifics