St. Valentine’s Day: A Celebration of Romance

A Celebration of Romance
Romance Reading

A Celebration of Romance:

Valentine’s Day has a reputation for being a commercial holiday, invented by a greeting card company. That is surely partially true, but the roots of St. Valentine’s Day go back to early Christianity, as well as the pre-ancient Roman pastural festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated to avert evil spirits and promote fertility. In today’s world, rather than a celebration of fertility, St. Valentine’s day is a celebration of romance—which is a precursor to fundamental human creativity on many levels—the union of two, creation of physical life, love, harmony, and more.

“A love that when cultivated is assured, eternal, everywhere, available, now” (Ricky Derisz. MindThatEgo).

Get a Romance Tarot Reading before or on Valentine’s Day! Drop in at The Sacred Sage (32730 Grand River Ave., Farmington, MI) on Thursday afternoons (noon to 5pm, 1/31, 2/7, or 2/14), or contact me to set up an appointment.  A Celebration of Romance

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