Pendulum use in a scientific prove-it-to-me world

Regarding Pendulum use in a scientific prove-it-to-me world:  Empirical studies on this topic are generally 20th century, typically framed around Dowsing Rods.  Scientists often correlate results to Telluric Currents or the Ideomotor Effect in a prove-it-to-me world.  Traditional scientific researchers have basically dropped experiments around this topic, even though evidence exists that Dowsing Rods / Pendulums work—there are professional Dowsers who repeatedly find natural resources, objects, and people for individuals, companies, and even governments.

Pendulum use in a scientific prove-it-to-me world
Prove it to me!

Relying on empirical evidence regarding pendulum use in a scientific prove-it-to-me world may be where science’s error lies, since it generally relies on Classical Mechanics to explain the pendulum phenomenon. Quantum physics, on the other hand, attempts to describe the cosmos in terms of less-than-atomic sized (so invisible and “weird” acting) particles, and suggests that everything is already connected.  Possibly, using a Dowsing Rod or Pendulum is just one metaphysical way to tap into the invisible-but-real quantum field.

If you’re on the fence about the use of pendulums to provide information around various aspect of your life, try it and you’ll likely believe it, without empirical data to support why or how it works! Take a look on the Events page to see when a Pendulum Workshop is being held.

Pendulums in a scientific prove-it-to-me world

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