A New Year’s Meditation

A New Year’s Meditation

My gift to my small but ever-growing audience!  Disclaimer and Caution:  Please do not listen to “A New Year’s Meditation” while driving or operating machinery, or chopping vegetables for soup or salad!

Below is the basic transcript:

2019 A New Year’s Meditation

Settle in, relax in your chair, notice any tension in your body, move around until you’re comfortable. Now, close your eyes and breathe deeply—inhale to the count of three, hold, exhale to the count of three.

Now, feel Divine white light flowing into your crown chakra filling your head, shoulders, heart, torso, pelvis, arms and legs, through to your fingertips and toes.  Simultaneously feel this white light entering all cells of your body—from your right, your left, above and below, from all around you.  Feel this white energetic light filling every cell, molecule, and atom of your body—feel yourself beyondyourself, and as a necessary part of universal energy and cosmic intelligence. In this vibrational state, allow a stream of this cosmic holy white light to leave your root chakra and move into the earth—through the foundation of the building you’re in, through the bedrock and groundwater, through to the molten core of Mother earth.  Let that stream of white light wrap around her glowing core, giving gratitude, feeling compassion, and bringing healing to Mother earth, the source of all our physical, earthly needs.  Then draw that vibrating stream, now mingled with the earth’s healing and grounding energy into your body.  Feel this life source vibration that is always there, always available, and forever a part of your Divine inheritance strumming in harmony with all that is.

From this state, access your innate and primal knowing that you have miraculous power when you are in vibrational harmony with the Holy Spirit, Gods and Goddesses, Universal Energy, Cosmic Intelligence.  Hold this knowing in your heart and feel it swell as you bring forward this ancient awareness.

Now, repeat in your mind or out loud:

I have the power to create that which I desire.

I am the architect of my world and fate.

I am the artist and the art, I am the creator and the creation.

I call in all universal and heavenly energies—angelic, guides and guardians, ancestors,

as well as Soulmates already manifested and those coming to me,

to assist me this coming year to let go of negative beliefs,

to be an open vessel, eager to gain self-learning through the mirror of others,

to gain clarity on what I truly desire.

Help me to stay connected to my divinity and my ability to create and manifest.

Remind me to calm my ego and find access to this holy vibrational state on a daily basis,

As well as in the moment as the need arises in my physical life.

With sincere gratitude, non-judgmental compassion, and pure love for all that is,

I command, as is my Divine right as a spiritual being having a human experience,

to be happy, loved, safe, and healthy.

This is my prayer, my belief, and my inspired and intended creation. Amen.

Slowly, feel the floor beneath your feet and the chair you sit in, the clock ticking, the aroma of your candle or soup on the stove.  Take a deep breath and inhale your physicality and allow your skin to feel your clothing. Gently let your eyes flutter open, take another deep breath and appreciate all you’ve already manifested in your physical world.  Now, go forth and enter into 2019, knowing you are always one with Divinity, full of inspiration, and that what you think you create!


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A New Year’s Meditation

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