The “Cold Moon”

The full “Cold Moon” (aka “Long Night Moon,” “Moon Before Yule,” “Oak Moon,” and “Bitter Moon”) arrives at 12:49pm today (rising at 5:28pm), one day after the Winter Solstice. This close correspondence between Solstice and the full moon won’t happen again until 2094 so, if possible, find a few moments to bask in the glow of this beautiful full moon!

XVIII The Moon
VVIII The Moon

I wrote about the Morgan-Greer XVIII Major Arcana card at the time of the “Hunter’s Moon” (October), and decided to add to that narrative today. The moon in this card is low to the horizon and is amazingly full and large. Scientifically, full moons appear largest at rising due to a phenomenon known as the “moon [optical] illusion.” According to NASA, “For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, low-hanging moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, building or other foreground objects.”

Interesting, right?

So, I offer a possible caution about deciding that the moon in this card always means to trust your instincts: depending on the reading, the horizon-hugging full moon could suggest you’re facing an optical illusion, and you may want to wait a bit to let the moon (or situation) rise above the fray of everyday life so you can see it in a more accurate (versus inflated or “unnaturally large”) perspective.

Remember, there is never one meaning for any symbol in a Tarot card, including “The Moon.” Keep your reading request for more information in mind, as well as the position the card falls in the spread, before clinging to an interpretation that may simply be wishful thinking. Psychologically, “instincts” are innate tendencies that lead us toward behaviors, whereas “intuition” is a subliminal, unconscious, Spirit-inspired processing that does not include rational thought. Listen to the quiet voice of your intuition when interpreting this card in a spread!

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The “Cold Moon”

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