Mystical Lenormand

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 4.36.25 PM.pngThe Morgan-Greer Tarot deck is my favorite, but I also read the Mystical Lenormand deck. This “Le petite Jeu” (French for “Little Game”) consists of 36 cards and is derived from the card game “Das Spiel Der Hoffnung” (German for “Game of Hope”). Marketing existed even in the 1700’s! To increase sales of this deck it was associated with the popular Fortune Teller, Marie-Anne Lenormand! 



Lenormand, born in the Napoleonic era, claimed to haveScreen Shot 2018-11-20 at 4.53.59 PM.png consulted for many famous people including various leaders of the French Revolution, and was a purported close friend of Marie Antoinette! (See the Google Play digitized copy of “The Court of Napoleon, or, Society Under the First Empire” for more detail about Mll’e Lenormand.)  The image to the right is from a Wikipedia site dedicated to Anne-Marie Lenormand (

These cards are more simplistic than Tarot, and do not have Major and Minor Arcana or suits. Depending on country, the meanings associated with each card can be different. Often read quite literally, these cards are sometimes referred to as “Fortune Telling” cards. I like this deck because of the beautiful illustrations by Urban Trosch, which include quite a bit of symbology. Regula Elizabeth Fiechter’s interpretations are just a spring board to your own understanding of each card. For more about Lenormand decks, go to



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