The Three of Cups

Three of Cups.pngHere we see sisterhood, harmonious relationship, contentment, gathering (the Rider-Waite version shows three women dancing together), fruitfulness, or possibly a simple resounding “yes!” and/or happiness—as always, the interpretation depends on the reading.  This card also illustrates the feminine trinity of Maiden, Mother, Crone (note the wreath in each woman’s hair—spring, summer, winter).  Look closely and you’ll see figs in the background foliage—this is a symbol of fertility—possibly creative collaboration.

In reverse: it may be time to be more open to emotional (cups) input in  one or more of your relationships.  Or, it’s time to end an unhealthy attachment to a group.  Or, a creative collaboration is stalled for some reason.  Like the hanged man, it may be time to wait and see what unfolds—be patient and hang in there until there is renewed inspiration.

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