Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls Day and the Death Card–Major Arcana XIII

Death Card.pngMost people cringe when they see the Death in a reading.  And, I reassure my clients there’s nothing to fear.  The Death card does not indicate physical death, but is instead metaphorical, representing death and rebirth of something (not someone!).

In the Morgan-Greer deck, the white rose (purity) represents rebirth, while the black (mourning) clad skeleton with the sickle signifies it’s time to cut something off—a project or plan, a way of thinking, a relationship—and harvest the good it has brought you.  No matter how difficult or seemingly foolish a situation might be, once it ends there is always something to be learned.

This harvesting season (Halloween-Oct 31, All Saints Day-Nov 1, All Souls Day-Nov 2) is the perfect time to reflect on endings, transformation, and change, so new life can flourish.


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