Strength–8th Card in Tarot Major Arcana

Strength.pngWhat do you see in this card? Courage, confidence, compassion, determination? The feminine calming of the wild beast (external or internal)? All of that, and more, is contained in this image.

However, when this card shows up in reverse (upside down), it may be asking what needs calming down–what is wreaking havoc in your mind. The sun rules Leo (the lion) in astrology, so the lion can be seen as a symbol of ego—in this case, the “monkey mind” aspect of ego—those never-ending habitual thoughts that run circles around irrational fears, perceived insults, worry about potential loss, you name it!

When this card arrives in reverse, it may be alerting you to “kapicitta” (the Buddha’s term for monkey-like mind). Pinpoint the particular monkey associated with your reading, and calm the chatter with meditative techniques!

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