Not Needing to Know–The II of Swords

II of Swords.pngThe suit of Swords in Tarot represents power in the form of knowledge (control, clarity, trust, clear thinking, etc.).  The II of Swords is about having the mental ability to act without needing to know the outcome.

The waxing crescent moon is shining over the figure’s left (feminine / intuitive) shoulder—this lunar phase is ideal for setting intentions.  The waxing crescent moon is replicated three times on her belt buckle, girdling her to completeness (as in the trinity)—she will act, follow through, and achieve success.  The figure has dual swords (one in her intuitive left hand, the other in her decisive right hand)—both at her disposal.  The blindfold, as on Lady Justice (the Greek goddess Themis), represents impartiality and neutrality.

However, if this card shows up in reverse, it may signify conforming to the dictates of authority, or disloyalty and scheming—the two swords and blindfold can suggest conflict and opposition of which you’re unaware.

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