Tips on Choosing a Tarot Deck

Oracle-Cards.pngNo matter what reader you ask, each will have a preferred, go-to deck.  The choice of a deck is personal and should be based on a deck that resonates with your heart and soul, as well as your intellect.  Some decks are stunning, but each card may be so full of symbols that it’s almost impossible to interpret.   Others are so simplistic, you might as well use a Bicycle Playing Card deck (and some people do—you’d be amazed at the symbology in the numbers, suits, and court/face cards—this deck is related to the Tarot deck).  Pay attention to the size of the cards!  Some are so large they’re hard to shuffle; some so small, the nuance of the symbols is impossible to see.  Last word: I suggest you ignore that old notion that your first Tarot deck needs to be gifted to you—that’s hooey!  Just give it to yourself!  Go here, just for fun!

If you’re new to Tarot, you may want to start with a Rider-Waite deck (or, the Morgan-Greer variant—it is by far my favorite deck)—the cards are straight forward and beautiful—full of imagery, but not overwhelming.  If you want to explore other decks (Tarot, or other divination art decks), find one that visually resonates with you, and before buying it research online to view each card in the deck, to be sure the images speak to you.

What do you want to do with your deck?  It’s important to know, because if you’re interested in simply choosing a card a day to inspire and reflect on–an amazing deck for that is Osho Zen Tarot (, which comes with a substantial (but not too big 😉 book. Or, go simple and get a tiny Angel Card deck and pull one each morning and use it as a touchstone to guide your day.

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