Why Get a Tarot Card Reading?

Why Tarot.pngLet’s start with why NOT to get a reading:  you absolutely need to know if you’re going to win the Mega Millions lottery!  You must know now if Mr or Ms Specific is your future boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse! You want to know if you “should” [insert anything here]…

Tarot provides guidance from Spirit, and is not a yes/no divination device,  does not precisely pre


dict the future.  Tarot is based (at least in my world) on the concept that all beings have free will. The more people and/or local-to-world events that need to line up for your desire to be fulfilled, the iffier or more long-term the outcome.  Capisce? Not to say that full alignment of everything required to bring about a particular result won’t happen (especially if you’re manifest meditating), but don’t count on Tarot to predict that type of success.

However, Tarot as a guidance system will aid in navigating your emotions (cups), thoughts and strengths (swords), beliefs (rods), and material resources (pentacles) as they concern a particular issue, or topic.  It’s a Spiritual GPS.  You don’t use your Apple Navigation every time you leave the house, right?  Instead, you use it when you’ve never been somewhere before, are having trouble recalling the streets to take, or it’s dark and you can’t see the street numbers.   So, when your heart and head are not in alignment around an important issue, you feel you’re at a confusing crossroads, or you’re having trouble figuring out which way to turn, try a Spiritual GPS get a Tarot reading to help you move forward.  And, sometimes you just need to look at a big map to get a big picture of where you’re at—a general Tarot reading is good for that, too!

BTW—I read Tarot most Thursdays at The Sacred Sage in downtown Farmington, or other times by appointment.


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