The Moon

Morgan Greer Moon.pngTomorrow (Wednesday, October 24, 2018, at 12:45pm) we enter into what Native Americans call the “Hunter’s Moon.” You can consider hunting in the literal sense—stalking and slaying game to fill freezers for the coming winter. And, we can think about it metaphorically, psychologically, and spiritually. The eve of this full Moon is a perfect time to meditate briefly on the Tarot’s “The Moon” card (Major Arcana, XVIII).

The Moon is expressionless in the Morgan-Greer deck (unlike the frowning Moon in the Rider-Waite deck). This expressionless Moon represents the reflective nature of our physical moon, and mirrors each individual querent’s situation. You’ll notice the illustration is split by a long path into an unknown land lit only by the mysterious light of the Moon, with a domestic dog (our physical, mental, social selves) on one side of the path near a castle drawn of hard lines (masculine, active nature), and a wolf on the other, alongside a castle made up of soft, rounded lines (our feminine, unconscious, untamed nature). There is a purple (representing power, creativity, wisdom, devotion, magic) crayfish emerging from the lush pool of the unconscious (possibly to molt it’s external, egoic, shell?), and appears to beckon each side of our natures to come together—the external, domesticated side, and the internal, wild side. When these two sides meet, creativity can be born if we are open to the opportunity.

Are you currently shedding old ideas to grow a new creative project? Possibly hunting for fresh ways of thinking or being? What creativity are you open to, or are you closed off from? Remember, a crayfish would perish if it could not molt the shell in which it no longer fits.

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