The Fool: The First Major Arcana Card

Morgan Greer FoolWhen the Fool card shows up in a reading, depending on placement, it can denote the neophyte, novice, foolish Fool is in your life—you don’t know what you don’t know.  Or, The Fool can represent the wise Fool—you know what you don’t know around a certain issue, so move forward wisely.  The Fool card in the Morgan-Greer deck is particularly evocative of a new beginning—notice the white dog.  In Celtic mythology, a white animal with red eyes has magical powers. In particular, the White Dog / Faerie Hound  is an omen of death.  But look at this loyal white puppy in the Fool card—it’s joyful and ready to start on an adventure with his master.  The Faerie Hound in this card reminds us that life is a journey, from birth to death—literally and metaphorically.  This Faerie Hound is not to be feared, but is instead a reminder that we’re onto something new—whether as a novice or a sage…yes, even a sage can have the Fool card visit a reading!  What else do you see in this amazing card?

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