Preparing for a Reading

Quiet your mind:   Do not get a reading if you are upset or overwrought, as you will not be centered, so wait if you can. An aggressive, impulsive, or scattered frame of mind will only hear what it wants to hear.

Prepare your question: You may have a number of different concerns, but prioritize!  Know which concern needs immediate attention. Preparing your question beforehand can help maximize time during the Tarot reading. This may also prevent mental blocks, which can show up as not asking your question clearly, or forgetting what you intended to ask.

Be sober:  Don’t consume too many stimulants (caffeine) or any alcohol prior to a reading. Reader and querent both need to be clear minded and centered. The calmer and more grounded each of you are, the clearer the answers will be.

Breathe!  Breathe in to the count of two through your nose, pause, and breathe out to the count of three through your nose. Do this several times, until you feel relaxed, settled, and calm.

Trust the Universe, your Reader, and Yourself: Suspend disbelief during the reading. Know that synchronistically your cards will fall perfectly in the spread. You and your reader become a channel of Divine intelligence and the collective and personal unconscious. Your personal, spontaneous, and uncensored reaction to the imagery broadens the meaning of the traditional symbolism, as well as the reader’s intuitive responses. You will hear, in perfect Divine Timing, the messages that support your highest good and the good of all concerned.

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