Choosing a Spread

There are three participants in a Tarot session:  You hold the intention for the reading… the question for which you want more information / guidance.  The Reader provides a  traditional interpretations of the cards, as well as any Divinely inspired commentary.  Together you build the “story” the cards illustrate.

The third participant in the session is the Holy Spirit, Universe, Guides, Guardians, and Ancestors, who administer the “chance” (synchronistic) landing of the cards in the the spread.  (Synchronisities can be thought of as meaningful or significant physical or psychological coincidences” that inform and/or punctuate what appear to be be acausal, random occurrences–in the case of Tarot, this is the order in which the cards come off the deck to complete the spread.

Importance of the Spread–The spread is for the benefit of you and your reader.  A spread helps to bring order to the reading, offers additional context for the question, and provides a pattern for the unfolding “story.”  A spread can be as simple as three cards–past, present, future, or fairly complex (as in the Celtic Cross).

When I read for you, we discuss your question or area of life for which you desire guidance, and then consider a number of spreads that may appeal to you and fit the reading.

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